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Spectrum EVO is a great solution for almost any business. Our clients include restaurants, bars, retail stores, salons and spas. We have a constantly expanding feature set, so chances are good that EVO could fit well in almost any industry.

EVO was built on modern technology standards from the start, so there are no legacy components or bloat. “Legacy” point of sale software often requires the user to mess with all kinds of Windows OS settings and drivers to get the system working and maintained. Our system is “plug and play” for our users. Everything is always maintained by us – providing the ultimate peace of mind for our customers.

Everything in EVO works lightning fast and smooth as butter. Our customers love the way it looks and their ability to completely customize almost every aspect of the interface.

EVO is what you could refer to as a “Private Cloud” system as it uses advanced web technologies for its operation. Unlike many other “Cloud” systems, EVO does not require the internet to function and most importantly your data is never stored in the “Cloud.” All of your data is stored locally and under your full control. We believe that storing sensitive data in the “Cloud” is a significant security concern that many merchants don’t fully realize. The only potential advantage of a “Cloud” system is recovery after a system failure. This is not a concern with our “Private Cloud” strategy. All of our systems come equipped with a fully redundant backup plan in case anything catastrophic were to happen. 

As usual, this is the big question right?  It’s hard to just throw pricing out there because each use case is different. We always evaluate our customer’s needs to make sure we provide a customized solution. We will be happy to provide a detailed quote with all available options once we have a chance to speak with you a little about your business and your individual needs.

What we can say is that the average single system costs our users about $2.50 per day under our subscription model. That amount even includes the hardware in this scenario. All ongoing upgrades are included for life and if any of the hardware ever fails due to normal use, we replace it at no cost to the user. Pretty awesome right?

We are only selling systems to business located within the United States at this time. We do not have any plans to expand into other countries for the time being; however, we would be glad to hear from you if your business is in another country and you are interested in using EVO. You never know!

The great thing with EVO is that we’ve already assembled the perfect combination of hardware and our software. You don’t need to source hardware separately, everything comes in a bundle that’s customized for your specific needs.

No, unfortunately all of our systems are custom built to have the perfect synergy between hardware and software. This allows us to provide the very best user experience and support since we always know exactly what we’re working with.

Generally, you don’t need to. Our systems come embedded with EVO’s operating software so you don’t need to install any software of configure any settings. We take pride in making sure our systems are hassle-free and “plug and play” out of the box. More than likely, you will get your EVO system from a local representative who will assist you in person with everything from plugging it in to programming and training yourself and your staff.

While we understand the popularity of iPads and other consumer-grade tablets, we have chosen to avoid the associated problems with using these types of devices in the commercial environment. If you operate a business that requires the use of tablet hardware, we have specific models that we support that are ruggedized to handle a commercial environment.

Since EVO was developed to be used in a wide range of business types, we have integrated support for a multitude of peripherals. Some of the common peripherals we support include barcode scanners, customer facing pole displays, kitchen video devices, digital signage and more.

EVO supports the latest in merchant payment processing technologies. We have integrations with many of the largest payment processing providers available. Some integrations are available at no-cost to our users, while others require our EVO connect bridge, which has a minimal additional cost. Feel free to give us a call to discuss all available options for your processing needs.

In many cases, we are able to import the majority of inventory data. This is highly dependent on whether your current system supports a data export in a format that we can use. In any case, we provide programming services as a part of our initial system setup. If you are a restaurant, the programming will always be free. For retail, we will program up to 1000 SKU’s at no cost for you if they are provided for us at the time of order. Additional programming can be provided for a fee; however, you will receive full training on item programming so most of the time customers find it easy enough to do themselves.

Absolutely, security is the cornerstone of any good point of sale software. EVO gives you the ability to assign granular permissions for each employee and even create custom security templates for different jobs, so you can reuse them over and over again. You have full control over critical functions like discounts, refunds, voids, paid outs in addition to all other functions.

Restaurants love EVO for its highly simplified split and merge functions. You have the freedom to apply multiple partial payments to a single ticket, or split item by item, or by individual person. Merging tickets is equally simple. Select the ticket you want to add another ticket to and select the merge function. The checks will be combined into a single check. It doesn’t get any easier!

Out of the box, EVO comes with all the usual suspects including Cash and Credit tenders; however, you can create as many custom tender types as you want from the tender management screen. Want to accept gift card payments, or create “house money”? No problem in EVO!

Absolutely, we don’t have a set limit on how many stations you can network together. Depending on the overall volume of business you do, we might need to make sure we provide an adequate “back office” server to provide the system with more horsepower. In most cases running 2-3 stations without the extra server is perfectly fine.

Refunds and voids are a necessary core function of any cash register or point of sale system. EVO tracks refunds and voids and provides detailed information on the time, employee and reason for any refunds or voids processed. Most businesses opt to restrict these functions using our enhanced employee permissions settings.

EVO supports just about any kind of discount you can think of. The most common discounts are % off, $ off, forced price and reverse discount. We also have timed events, which allow you to set up events like Happy Hour and assign items to the event profile. Timed events are fantastic because you can literally “set it and forget it.”  Your assigned items will automatically increase and decrease in price based on the schedule you set for them. Additionally, you can use timed events in conjunction with your categories. This functionality means you can have categories and all assigned items appear and disappear based on a schedule. A use scenario might be a breakfast menu appears only during breakfast and disappears, being replaced by a lunch/dinner menu. The possibilities are endless.

Absolutely! Using EVO for multiple locations makes a lot of sense. It means you only have one system to learn and manage. If you have employees who work at more than one location, it also means decreased training requirements. 

EVO is an excellent solution for mobile businesses. We have solutions for food trucks, concessions stands and just about any other mobile business you can think of. We have portable hardware bundles that include built-in mobile broadband internet so you can have a fully functional point of sale anywhere.

The only limitation to simultaneous users is physical workstations. Only one user can be logged in and standing in front of a workstation at one time. You could easily have 5 employees working on only 2 stations as long as one logs off and the other logs on between transactions. A popular option in that scenario is to have two cash drawer attached per workstation so you could have a total of 4 employees using their own cash drawers for enhanced accountability.

Yes, there are several approved 3rd party solutions for remotely accessing your EVO system. Most of the remote solutions allow you full access to the system, just like standing right there.

You can always call our support line at 760-407-2943 x 300 for 24/7/365 technical support. Additionally, you can contact our technicians using SMS at 760-209-1290 for a fast response. If you require onsite support, you should contact your local EVO representative to schedule a support visit.

You should always contact your local EVO representative directly for guaranteed compatibility with your EVO system.

Our EVO receipt printers use a thermal paper roll that is 3 1/4″ wide x 220′ in length. For setups that utilize an impact remote kitchen printer, a 3″ wide x 165′ length plain bond roll used. Impact printers also use two-color ink-ribbons which utilize the Epson compatible ERC 30/34/38 model.

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