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We look to partner with a wide range of professionals including cash register and point of sale dealers, merchant service providers, IT professionals and consultants. Some of our clients have even signed on to be referral partners because they frequently learn of new opportunities within their industry network. Whether you’re looking to be a full-service point of sale provider, or you’re just looking to refer new customers to earn commissions, we have a lucrative program custom developed for someone like you. To get started, all you need to do is complete the contact form below and one of our representatives will contact you to start the process.

Our Partner Programs

POS Dealer Program: Our dealer program is designed for partners who want to learn our products inside-out and actively support their clients. We provide our resellers with ongoing training, unlimited demos, quotes and 24/7 support. Our dealers have the ability to customize and white label certain aspects of our systems to maximize their overall profit potential. Unlike some programs, our registered dealers are given the opportunity to have a protected sales territory. 100% of sales leads that come in within a dealer territory go directly to the dealer. We do not compete with our dealers, we help support and develop them.

POS Referral Program: Our referral program is designed for partners interested in providing qualified leads to our sales department for distribution to our dealer network. Referral partners earn fixed commissions on every closed sale without the need to perform any follow-up or support to the referred business. Referral partners are provided with basic training on the essential features and benefits of our products and can enroll in ongoing training as desired. The referral program allows our referral partners to enhance their current offerings by providing clients with a full point of sale system solution. If you already work with business owners on a daily basis, why not partner with us and earn some additional revenue?

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